Anger Management

Anger is a complex mix of feelings, urges, and actions. It is often misunderstood, and mistreated, and people dealing with anger issues feel frustrated, shamed, and out of control. This is a different approach to Anger Management – instead of trying to cope with your anger, instead trying to accept, understand, and live with your anger.  The goal of Anger Management treatment is not to make anger disappear, but to have it feel more manageable.

Guided by the principles of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), clients will  learn to accept and (maybe) embrace their anger, recognize that anger is a behavior that they have control over, and learn to focus their energy on acting in a way that is consistent with their goals and values.

Accepting anger is not about approving of anger or giving in to it, it’s about understanding the function anger serves in your life and making informed choices based on that information.  Acceptance leads to increased flexibility to act differently, and get different results.